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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

454. Bad Joke

This DEEP DIVE cARToon was inspired by Jason Stanford's commentary on the re-emergence of Texas Governor, Rick Perry, and what ensued at a republican event in Texas.
The Story has it that a George Washington impersonator's joke went something like: 

“A Communist, a Muslim and an illegal alien went into a tavern, And the tavern keeper said, ‘What will it be President Obama?’”

. . . and that got me thinking

Don't foget that back in July of 2009, Henry Louis Gates Jr., the Harvard professor and race-relations expert, and James Crowley, the police sergeant who controversially arrested Mr. Gates, stopped by for a round of brews that President Barack Obama hoped promoted racial comity.

White House spokesman Robert Gibbs stated that "The president will drink Bud Light."
Read Mr. Stanford's commentary here: and follow him at

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