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DEEP DIVE cARToons are pop-culture commentary, and often a bad mash-up of it. DEEP DIVE cARToons are meant to provoke a thought and a smile. That's it. Please enjoy them and tell your frienemies to too!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Political Cartoonist Contest, 2012

These are the twenty DEEP DIVE cARToons submitted in the 2012 politcal cartoonist contest, Jun 11 - Aug 18, 2012, in reverse chronological order.

After decisively winning the popular vote, the supreme court of idiot cartoonists ruled against me and DEEP DIVE cARToons, without so much as an explanation. I greatly appreciate the support and votes  of DEEP DIVE fans throughout the contest.
Thanks again, sincerely, for your support! Mikey G.